Home window cleaning in Cambridge

We offer one-off or regular window cleaning to make your house look amazing; and all our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Home window cleaning can make a huge difference to how your home looks from the outside, and how much light it lets in to the inside.

Learn a little bit more about how we clean your winows.

Window cleaning. The brush is pushed onto the glass and the pure water runs down below it

Complete window cleaners

We always clean the frames and sills, not just the glass.

Why would you want the glass to be clean and leave the rest of the window looking dirty?

In addition, if the frames aren’t cleaned it can often lead dirty runs on the glass that ruin it. We prefer to give you the best quality service possible, so we always clean the frames and sills of all the windows and doors at your home.

High reach window cleaning in Cambridge

We use the latest equipment so we can safely and effectively clean high windows from the ground.

We can reach up to 55 feet. That means that we can clean most 5th storey windows, and some 6th storey windows. It also lets us clean windows that are set back or difficult to reach. 

Try to get a window cleaner on a ladder to do that!

Cleaning conservatory windows with a water fed pole and pure water

Why choose us to clean your windows

What sets Clean It apart from other window cleaners? Here are a few things that we pride ourselves on.

  1. We have been doing this for years so we know how to care for your property.
  2. We can reach high windows and those difficult to reach – above conservatory roofs, skylights or dormers.
  3. We always clean the frames and sills, not just the glass.
  4. We are fully insured incase anything does go wrong.
  5. All our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In the rare event there is anything wrong give us a call and we are happy to return and sort it out.
  6. Reliable and friendly.
  7. We will send you a reminder the day before we come to clean your windows.

The power of pure water Cleaning

Years ago we used to climb ladders and clean windows with a squeegee, but now we usually use pure water through a water fed pole system.

This is a tried and tested system that has been around and getting better and better for years. We have been using it for over 10 years.

Normally if you leave water on a window, the limescale in it will leave dirty white marks as it dries. We filter the water we use before we get to your house, so all of the limescale and other impurities are removed. This means that we can leave your windows wet and it will dry perfectly clear.

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We can reach up to 55 feet, that is enough for most 5th storey windows and some 6th storey windows.

We do regular work on a 5-week rota. We find this the sweet spot where we aren't cleaning windows more often that you need to keep them looking great.

Because we use pure water to clean your windows they will dry clear.

The windows will be fine but we will get wet! Rainwater is naturally almost pure water, it won't affect the cleaning process.

We are a professional company and are insured for all the work we carry out to cover us in case there were any damages to the public or your property.

We can clean all sorts of windows, from old wooden windows on listed buildings to modern UPVC windows. We have a variety of brushes to protect your property while doing the best job possible.

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