Regular or one-off cleaning

We are happy to do one-off cleaning when you decide that you need it.

A one-off clean is always a deeper clean and we take the necessary time to bring up the frames, glass and sills and leave a spotless job and a happy customer.

To keep your windows looking their best and benefit from the lowest prices you can set up a scheduled, repeating window clean.

We work on a 5-weekly schedule.

Having the windows cleaned every 5 weeks will keep them always looking clean and we can offer the lowest prices.

A regular clean every 10 weeks is a very popular balance between regularity and value. After 10 weeks they will have built up some dirt, but are still maintained in good condition.

We can go every 15 weeks if required, it will offer the cheapest annual cost but your windows will be ready for a good wash when we arrive.

Residential window cleaning with a water fed pole and pure water
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