Cleaning your roof

Clean It are experienced roof cleaners. We know how to remove moss and other organic growth safely, and how to deliver the best possible results for your roof.

Roof cleaning is specialist work because of the tools required, access issues, and chemicals used to provide the best possible job.


Applying biocide to a house roof to clean the tiles and remove moss and algae
Roof cleaning a two storey house from a scaffold access tower to remove the moss

Experienced roof cleaners

We have cleaned lots of roofs. We have the knowledge and the specialist equipment to do a pofessional job providing excellent results.

Watch on YouTube some jobs that we did in Worcestershire along with Squeaky Clean Dave.



How we do roof cleaning

Our preferred method of roof cleaning is to scrape and then follow up with a biocide.

We use specially shaped scrapers that match the profile of the tiles. They are attached to the end of a telescopic pole that allows us to scrape the moss off the roof either from the safety of the ground or from a scaffold tower as needed. This removes 90% of the moss from the roof.



Tiled roof cleaning to remove the moss safely with a scraper attached to a long telescopic pole allowing the operator to stay on the ground
Roof tiles that have had biocide applied to them to kill off remaining moss and spores to that it looks clean

We then follow this up with a biocide treatment which removes the rest of the moss and staining. Biocides are powerful and have long-lasting effects. They are applied through a special brush, and then soak into the roof tiles. 

They may take 2-3 months to get the roof to its cleanest state, but then it will keep the roof clean for a long time, sometimes up to 3 years, and further treatments are simple to apply.

We usually use a professional biocde called GK Pro. Learn more about it on their website.

Why choose us to clean your roof

What sets Clean It apart from other roof cleaners? Here are a few things that we pride ourselves on.

  1. We have been doing this for years so we know how to care for your property.
  2. We work safely. Don’t risk having someone injure themselves on your property. Using the correct tools can reduce the risk.
  3. We are fully insured incase there was ever an accident.
  4. All our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In the rare event there is anything wrong give us a call and we are happy to return and sort it out.
  5. Reliable and friendly.
Scraping the moss off a slate roof to clean it and improve aesthetics. The worker is stood on a scaffold access tower for safety and using a special scraper blade and a telescopic pole

Learn more

We can clean roofs on two-storey houses or lower.

When we come to quote we will be able to assess whether we need a scaffold tower or not for access.

Roof cleaning costs around £12 per m2 of the roof, with a minimum charge of £750 to scrape and biocide. 

When you request a quote we will first give you an estimate based on the size of the roof we can measure on Google Earth. If you are happy with the estimate we will visit to provide you with a more accurate quote.

We do not offer pressure washing as we find it is harsher on the roof tiles and may damage them.

Our preferred method is to scrape most of the moss off and then follow up with a biocide treatment.

We are based in Comberton and offer roof cleaning all around Cambridge and the villages to the West of Cambridge.

We are a professional company and are insured for all the work we carry out to cover us in case there were any damages to the public or your property.

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