Pricing for different exterior cleaning services in Cambridge

Please note the prices below indicate normal minimum charges based on average size things being cleaned with available parking and access to the area being cleaned. Extra fees may apply where things are excessively dirty, difficult to reach, or extra chemicals are needed ect…

Jobs outside of a CB postcode will usually have an extra £20 on top of the minimum prices below.

Some jobs can be estimated from Google Earth or photos sent to us. Larger jobs need a site visit to give an accurate price.

Click on the button below to request a quote and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Window cleaning starts from £25 and will cover most small houses/flats. The first clean may have a 50% extra added on to it if the windows are very dirty.

Internal window cleaning is priced at the exterior windows plus 50%

The minimum charge for gutter emptying is £100. For £200 we will empty and then clean the outside of up to 20m of gutter and fascia, and then clean the windows. 

Solar panel cleaning has a minimum charge of £100 and includes the first 10 panels. After that, they are charged at £7 per panel.

The minimum charge for conservatory roof cleaning is £75. This includes up to 10 roof panels. After this, it is charged at £5 per panel

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