40ft High Gutter Cleaning

Our carbon fibre poles extend up to 40 ft high so we can clean very high gutters. This is some 4 storey buildings!

If you are unsure we are happy to come and try out our poles against your building so you can see if it will reach before giving or accepting a quote.

Our gutter vacuum is so powerful that it can still suck out stubborn blockages that are that high up.

We can also reach over things like pitched roofs or conservatory roofs to clear difficult to reach gutters that aren’t 40 ft high, but are otherwise inaccessable. We can usually reach these difficult gutters without having to walk on tiles and risking damage to them.

And to make sure that we clean your gutters thoroughly so that water can flow freely, we fit a camera to the top so we can see what is happening in the guttering.

Cleaning gutters with a gutter vac and a narrow nozzle. The nozzle is moving along the gutter sucking up the debris in the gutter while the operator is safely on the ground
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