It's all about power

As long as we can plug in to an electric socket you don’t need to be there.

We use a powerful 3000 watt gutter vaccum to get the best results when cleaning your gutters.

All we need from you is electricity. Many people nowadays have outdoor sockets and we can use those and get the job done while you are at work. Others arrange a time when they will be home, or leave an extension cord out of a window for us to connect to.

For everything else, even water, we bring it with us. Don’t worry if you are having the fascias and soffits washed down too but don’t have an outside tap, we bring 500 litres of filtered water to you!

Have you had bad experiences with tradesmen before? Especially when you weren’t there to watch them? You can trust us because: 1- our online reviews show customers are happy with us, and 2- we can send you photos of your clear gutters once we are done, just ask us for it before we start.

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